Don't Settle for Average.

LifeStyles BareThin Condoms are our thinnest condom ever. And at 52% thinner than average, your sex life will be anything but. BareThin is scientifically engineered to help you both experience a natural, close feel that’ll bring you together like never before.

Dare to be closer with BareThin.

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Do You Dare?

From stepping out of their comfort zones to warming up a relationship freeze, watch how these singles and couples dared to be closer.

52% Thinner

than our LifeStyles Extra Strength Condom

  • As our thinnest condom ever, BareThin is scientifically engineered to get you both closer
  • Reliable and thin so you get closer, feel the heat
  • Premium ULTRAGLIDE™ Lubricant
  • Smooth texture and natural color
  • Straight form and reservoir end
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